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Due to an insane amount of overnight changes, I regret to announce that I have decided to close Zaldiva Comics & Collectibles.

There is a great deal of work that has to go into closing a business and I am not in fact ready to make this announcement, however, in light of my former employees making their own announcements this morning, I feel I must say something. Ready or not. So here's what I can tell you all.

1. I am in fact closing down the comic business.
2. I will be fulfilling subscribers bags this week.
3. We will likely remain open until 9/30/15 and possibly a bit beyond that in order to have a final sale.
4. I will announce exact details here, on Zaldiva's FB page and website when I actually have a plan of action.

For those of you who have been loyal customers, I appreciate it more than you know. There just comes a time when some things are no longer worthwhile.

I will continue to run my auction and ebay business and therefore, will continue to buy and sell collections of all sizes.

Nicole Leigh